Without charge Read EML files via free EML reader

Overview of EML format – emails plays a very important role in our daily life. Emails are also called by as EML, but EML email format is supported by some selected email clients only. EML is simple and plan text format with different formatting. You can share emails with multiple users, add hyperlinks and more.

Why use Freeware EML Reader software

»» Suppose you have EML files supported by Windows Live mail and you tried to open them with Outlook Express but you cannot complete the task and it points out the need for EML reader program which help you read EML messages.

»» There is another fact, sometimes you can open EML files but its formatting is not right or sometimes EML attachments cannot be open along with EML files.

»» Sometimes users want to Open EML e-mails without installing any EML based utilities.


The best option to avoid these problems is to install our free EML Reader tool on your computers. Software is completely free to install and you don’t have to pay a single price for this software.

Small Overview of Software - EML Viewer & Reader is a convenient program for reading and viewing EML emails without having to install any email client. You can download the software’s full version at free and open EML messages through appropriate formatting.

This software is designed to help aid users to open or read EML documents from different email clients. Software works even is not EML email client is connected with the system. This utility seriously helps users to view EML files/messages proper elements.

Read EML from all EML supportable clients such are: Mozilla Thunderbird, Earth Link, Windows Mail, Turnpike, Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, MailCopa, Entourage, The Bat, Berkeley Mail, Mac/Apple Mail, etc though EML Reader software.

Benefits and advantages of EML Reader program

  • Free application to use, there is no lose in downloading this program at free
  • Self-sufficient program, it works when any EML based apps not installed on system.
  • Read/open/view EML documents/files/document
  • With few clicks of mouse read EML
  • Open EML messages together with elements of emails like attachments, header formatting, hyperlinks, etc.
  • Workable with Windows OS such Windows XP, 2007, Vista, 98, etc
  • Software also works with new Windows 8 version.

The EML Reader also work as an EML viewer which let you view all .EML emails in lack of EML based program. You can view EML received data, graphics, header, text, images, links, etc.